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05.01.2017, 20:36
offline TeXxZz

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registriert: 05.01.2017

Not so good at German so not so sure where is should put this but just read.

ElmoMcFcknElroy is playing on the server as an active Admin. He also abuse, we met him with godmode when he was afk we shot him 3 headshots and 13 bodyhits. He should be dead and used no syringe or anything just stod still. When he came back we asked why he didn't die and he said you only hit me 1 time. Such a lie. We raided them and were mad about him abusing as Admin. Server wrote this in chat: Elmo is not an Admin. Then we got banned for Toxic against Admin.

Pretty wierd if you ask me. We were toxic against Elmo. And if he wasn't an Admin why would the ban reason then be: Toxic against Admin. They pretty much exposed themself. They are lying for everyone and using powers. Some players also saw an Admin flying so this is just wasting time by playing here.

(Prob will get banned from telling this) Btw Elmo also have the console.

29.01.2017, 21:46
offline ravermeister

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registriert: 12.05.2014

I will ask about this issue and write back,
Sorry for any circumstances. meanwhile you could ask in the Teamspeak area about the case.
hope I could help

Kind regards

06.03.2017, 17:08
offline TeXxZz

2 Beiträge
registriert: 05.01.2017

I wish i could but they banned me because i knew to much

<18:05:20> Trying to connect to server on
<18:05:21> You are banned permanently. Reason: "Profanity or other noticeable behaviour. - TeXxZz"

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